Paintsville Ranked #15 in Kentucky

Paintsville Ranked #15 in Kentucky


Overview of Paintsville High School

Paintsville High School is ranked 15th within Kentucky. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The AP® participation rate at Paintsville High School is 51%. The total minority enrollment is 4%, and 42% of students are economically disadvantaged. Paintsville High School is the only high school in the Paintsville Independent.

Paintsville High School 2023-2024 Rankings

Paintsville High School is ranked #1,629 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.

PES CmPS Mission PAWsible

PES CmPS Mission PAWsible

PES CmPS team with Mr. Carison Slone (SL1 Contruction)

PES CmPS had a very exciting day!!

A HUGE shout-out to Carison Slone and SL1 Construction and Lance and Erin Bowling at County Concrete!! Mr. Slone and SL1 construction donated their time and skills. They were great with the kiddos!

The team had planned on purchasing the concrete and were surprised when Mr. Slone shared that Mr. and Mrs. Bowling are Paintsville Alumni and they decided to donate the concrete for the kennels! Our team will find a way to support the animal shelter with the money they had set aside for the concrete!!

Our community is the BEST and we are so grateful for every person who has supported Mission PAWsible. We had another team grandpa, Mr. George, help us haul all of the kennels and covers to the shelter. He also treated the team to lunch.

CmPS brings home the Elementary School’s Governor’s Cup

CmPS brings home the Elementary School’s Governor’s Cup

Congratulations to the Paintsville Elementary CmPS team! They have returned home as STATE CHAMPS and have also won bids to compete at the International competition in Massachusetts this summer!

We are so proud of their achievements and dedication to provide for a better future!

Paintsville’s Steam Academy

Paintsville’s Steam Academy

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – A $2.5 million investment in education is popping up in Paintsville, with plans to provide career pathways to students in the area.

The STEAM Career Center, opening in the Paintsville Independent Schools office building on Main Street, is embarking on a new era of education for Johnson County’s youth.

“A student success hub, which will bring in some of the latest technology, latest job trainings, latest partnerships- in an individualized way- so our students will have access to what the job market is actually looking for,” said Paintsville Superintendent David Gibson.

The STEAM center will create programs with innovative subjects: Biomedical, engineering, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, robotics, and more. Including partnerships with entities like Awesome, Inc., opening entrepreneurial incubators to build more small businesses across the region.

“A learning center that’s going to really focus down into what the child wants, what the student wants,” said Gibson. “What do they want to do? How do they want to build a career?”

The programs, while rooted in the school’s tradition, seek to expand the minds of the students by letting them carve out a space of their own in the future in the workforce.

“Being able to take a child’s dreams and help them reach those dreams- as far as their career- that’s what education is about,” said Gibson.

The programs will reach out to potential employers and industry, using their input on how to train the next generation, and will allow potential employers to submit ideas for programs that would train students for their specific needs.

The building process is expected to take around three years, remodeling 30,000 square ft. of the current building on Main Street, but Gibson hopes to see small steps begin next year.

He said it is about more than just growing the school district.

“This is about our region. It’s about Appalachia. How can Paintsville Independent- Paintsville, the city of Paintsville- give something back to our region that maybe stops the bleeding a little bit,” he said. “Maybe stop the out-migration. Maybe saves us for a few more years. We want to be part of the solution.”

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