Mrs. Katie Webb, Principal
Margy Rapier, counselor
SBDM Council
Mrs. Jami Helton, parent representative Mr. Justin Lewandoski, parent representative
Mrs. Jennifer Pugh, teacher representative Mrs. Stephanie Tiller, teacher representative
Ms. Laura Carroll, teacher representative
PES SBDM council meets on the second Monday for each month at 3:15 pm in the PES library?

From Mrs. Sexton (PES Music Teacher):

5th grade students will begin playing recorders during music class beginning at the end of February. This is a great introduction into the world of band instruments and may lead to the discovery of a love of instruments and music that your child has not yet realized. We will be using the Recorder Karate method and I will provide method books for your child to use. However, I highly recommend that you purchase your own recorder so your child can practice at home as well. Please do NOT purchase a recorder a local department store because they are not high-quality recorders and will not sound the same as the recorders we will be using in class. I will be ordering recorders from a music company in a few weeks and the cost is only $3.00 each! I will need an exact count of how many recorders to order by Friday February 9th. You do not have to purchase a recorder; I have plenty here at school that are sterilized daily for your child to borrow during music class. However, it will be to your child’s advantage to have their own recorder so they can practice at home and advance through the Karate “belts” at a faster pace.

If you DO want to purchase a recorder, make sure you
include $3.00 (checks can be made payable to PES) along with the form your child will be bringing home in the coming days, no later than Friday February 9th.

Mrs. April

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